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We’ve noticed a common theme on the dating review sites out there. Most of them are cheap ploys to get you to sign up to a particular site so they can earn a commission. Alternatively, these sites are famous for showing annoying advertisements for revenue. In both cases, little attention is paid to the actual quality of the dating reviews and ratings.  Even worse, the experiences appear to be made up by the site’s author.

This is why we decided to develop this site with real user comments and ratings based on their online dating experiences at many popular sites.  This is truly a collection of the best dating websites in the world.  To be up front with you, we get some referral income from dating sites when people sign up, but this is not our primary motivation.  We are mainly concerned about providing a useful service for singles to review, rate and ultimately have a good idea of which dating sites to try. We like to think of it as a united dating community of singles worldwide.

We encourage you to rate the dating sites fairly and provide constructive feedback via the comment form at the bottom of each review.  Try to keep in mind when writing your reviews, the kinds of things people want to know. We’ve given you a head start, providing facts about each dating site. Now it’s up to you to describe the features, cost, quality of members and your overall experience.

If you have any questions at all, please use our contact page and we’ll get back to you shortly.  Please remember this is an independent service from the dating companies. Therefore we are unable to address specific customer service type inquiries. It’s best if you refer these to the actual dating company where they can assist you better.

Enjoy the site and keep those reviews and ratings coming!